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DRAMA WG releases Defi Danger Tips Evaluate Draft

16 January 2024

The EEA’s Defi Danger Evaluation, Administration, and Accounting Working Group (extra usually known as the “DRAMA WG“) at the moment launched a Evaluate Draft of its Defi Danger Tips dialogue paper. The group invitations public touch upon the draft by way of 15 April 2024. The Evaluate Draft is offered at https://entethalliance.org/specs/drafts/defi-risks/20230116/.

The dialogue paper provides a information to the dangers concerned in working with DeFi, and the right way to assess, handle, account for and mitigate them. Primarily written for DeFi Protocol Customers and Protocol Buyers, it is usually related to Protocol Builders looking for to minimise the dangers of their Protocol. Likewise it may well additionally inform, and the Working Teams hopes it will likely be knowledgeable by suggestions from standards-setters and regulators.

The Working Group has developed this doc over the past yr, with contributors from massive and small corporations specializing in related areas similar to DeFi, Accounting, Danger Administration and Info Safety.

Please present feedback by way of the EEA Web site Contact Web page. For extra info on suggestions sought, please see the part Suggestions within the doc itself.

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